Insulation Boards

Insulation Boards – for a simpler, warmer build

Drive up energy efficiency and cut energy costs with great value ceiling and wall insulation boards from JCS.

These days, you should expect far more than mere ceiling insulation from your insulation boards. Moisture and fire resistance. Acoustic dampening. Rigid construction that prevents sagging or slipping. And the ability to insulate far more than ceilings, with a thermal performance that lasts, year after year.

Those are the properties of easy to work with insulation boards from JCS. Beneath pitched roofs, in walls and beneath floors, use them to boost the environmental performance and energy efficiency of your projects.

And as ever at JCS, you’ll find all our floor, wall and ceiling insulation boards are brilliant value.

Insulation Boards? Trust the Judge


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Product Number: JCSKTP10100 Thermapitch TP10 is the high performance, fibre-free PIR insulation boa..
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Product Number: JCSKTP1025 Whatever insulation board you fit beneath your roof tiles or slates,..
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Product Number: JCSKTP1050 If you’re in the industry, you know Kingspan insulation boards. TP10 The..
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Product Number: JCSREC24 Recticel Eurothane insulation boards are manufactured from PIR (polyisocya..
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Product Number: JCSREC50 The premium PIR construction of Recticel Eurothane insulation board make..
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Product Number: JCSREC60 Across pitched roofs, in framed wall applications, and beneath floors with..
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Product Number: JCSREC70 A cosier, more energy efficient space starts with its insulation. The prem..
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Product Number: JCSRWO100Looking for a more solid but flexible insulation slab? Try Rockwools F..
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