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Pro-Mod Ultra Low Glare LED Panel
Product Code: Pro-Mod 30W 4500K


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Product Number: JCSPRMLP

LED ceiling lighting can help every school, hospital, hotel or store save on energy costs and lower its carbon footprint. But whilst LED lights last, when the time comes for their eventual replacement, there’s been little option but to replace the entire unit. Until now.

Never replace another ceiling panel

The new PRO-MOD LED panel uses replaceable LEDs so when the light reaches the end of its life, you don’t have to switch the entire panel. What’s more, the simple plug and play connectors mean anyone can change the bulb – you don’t need to rely on an electrician.

Ultra-low glare: Limit eye strain and reduce headaches with a UGR16 rating that makes this LED light ideal for workplaces and classroom environments.

Saves vs other LEDs: You’d expect an LED ceiling light to save energy compared with a traditional fluorescent. With a 150lm/w Edison LED, producing 4,500 lumens at only 30W, the PRO-MOD LED will save you money even against other LEDs.

Product Benefits:

  • Reduce eyestrain
  • Reduce headaches
  • Cut glare
  • Cut energy costs, even compared with other LEDs

Product Details:

  • Size: 600mm x 600mm (595mm x 595mm)
  • Wattage: 30w
  • Colour temperature: 4500K
  • Lumen: 4500
  • URG: URG<16 (ultra-low glare)
  • Direct replacement for fluorescent fittings
  • Plug & play fitting

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JLE UK 21/03/2017

Left courteous call about delivery date. Arrived as described. Would buy again...

LMW Electronics 21/03/2017

Excellent service, we tried to interface with a different suspended ceiling type, and obviously subtly different, but we got away with it. As novices, slightly better images would probably have helped..

Deiniol Williams Ceramics 21/03/2017

Great communication - had a query and it was answered pretty quickly so went ahead and ordered. Also price was very competitive compared to other companies I looked at. Arrived quickly and very well p..