Jun 14

How do I prevent glare from my office lights?

Glare isn’t just inconvenient. In workplaces, it can damage productivity and increase the number of instances of eye strain and headaches experienced by staff. But there is a simple way of addressing it.

Modern Office with Bright Ceiling Lights

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Jun 01

What’s the difference between ‘egg-crate’ and prismatic diffusers?

We stock two types of ceiling light diffuser. So what are the differences, and why would you choose one over the other?

Suspended Ceiling Light Diffusers

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May 23

Why does the TP rating of my LED panel matter?

Why does the TP rating of my LED panel matter?

Hospital Waiting Room

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May 18

Access Panels Make the Job Easier

How one simple square (or circular) panel can help save you time and money.

Flipfix Access Panels Sale Banner

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May 15

Could your lighting be costing you less? Find out for free.

If your ceiling lighting is putting a strain on the wallet as well as the eyes, take advantage of our free North West lighting surveys.

Fluorescent Lighting in Office Ceiling Grid

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