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Product Number: JCSSB16Ideal for the standard office, the Soundblocker Office and Classroom Range wi..
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Product Number: JCSSB19The Soundblocker Private Office Range is suitable for where slightly higher r..
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Product Number: JCSSB125The Soundblocker Confidentiality Range is for use in areas where high levels..
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Product Number: JCSSB16The Soundblocker Entertainment Range Provides the highest level of sound insu..
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Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Are your looking for an acoustic solution to your noisy room? Acoustic ceiling panels are here to save the day. Whether your room is an office, classroom or conference room, we have the acoustic system for you.

Where can you use them?

  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Meeting / Conference Rooms
  • Hallways

And many more ....