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Product Number: JCS-KTP10100 Thermapitch TP10 is the high performance, fibre-free PIR insulation bo..
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Product Number: JCS-KTP1025 Whatever insulation board you fit beneath your roof tiles or slates..
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Product Number: JCS-KTP1050 If you’re in the industry, you know Kingspan insulation boards. TP10 Th..
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Kingspan Boards

Kingspan Insulation Boards – for a high quality build

Renowned as the most well known and quality driven insulation expert, Kingspan produces well designed insulation boards to the UK market.

Insulation boards are the key to creating a warm and comfortable building, whilst reducing sound reverberation and transfer.

And as ever at JCS, you’ll find all our floor, wall and ceiling insulation boards are brilliant value.

Kingspan Insulation Boards? Trust the Judge