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Product Number: JCSSB16Ideal for the standard office, the Soundblocker Office and Classroom Range wi..
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Product Number: JCSSB19The Soundblocker Private Office Range is suitable for where slightly higher r..
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Product Number: JCSSB125The Soundblocker Confidentiality Range is for use in areas where high levels..
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Product Number: JCSSB16The Soundblocker Entertainment Range Provides the highest level of sound insu..
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Product Number: JCS0725It doesn’t cost much to save on your energy bills this winter. Our lowest pri..
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Product Number: JCS0750A Traditionally, it wasn’t an easy thing to add sound dampening insula..
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Product Number: JCS75MMAFit JCS’ insulation pads above your suspended ceiling and it won’t only be e..
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Product Number: JCS07100AOne of our most popular insulation pad sizes balances bill-shrinking energy..
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Acoustic Pads

Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Insulation Pads

Space is noise’s best friend. Without anything to obstruct them, sound waves bounce around the cavities in walls and above suspended ceilings. If you’re frustrated by the noise from the rooms around you, the cavities are most likely the reason why. But your suspended ceiling can help.

The mineral fibre in acoustic suspended ceiling insulation pads from Judge Ceiling Systems have sound absorption properties that reduce sound attenuation (sound ‘bleed’) from room to room.

When you want to reduce echo within a room, or reduce the level of noise escaping from space to space, fit acoustic suspended ceiling insulation bags in the ceiling cavity, directly above each ceiling tile. Low weight and sealed (so you don’t have any loose fibres to worry about), each pad is incredibly simple to fit.

Save money on your ceiling insulation pads. Save again on your energy bills. And create a quieter space. With Judge.

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