Dry Lining

Dry lining - create your perfect space

When your workspace is exactly the size and layout you need, your people can work more effectively. Dry lining using stud & track and MF ceilings helps you create your ideal space with the flexibility to adapt and grow with your business.

Make the space you have the space you want

Business needs change. When they do, adapting your space so it meets your current requirements is infinitely easier and more cost effective than starting the long, laborious search for new premises.

Stud and track and MF ceilings from JCS lets you change the ceiling height and wall layout using a concealed system which can reduce sound attenuation, lower heating costs, hide cabling, battered walls and crumbling ceilings and lets you realise your design ambitions.

Update or transform your space. For supply and installation of stud & track and MF ceilings and accessories, talk to the Judge on 01253 864 902 or email us.

Dry Lining? Trust the Judge