How Much Does an MF Ceiling Cost?

How Much Does an MF Ceiling Cost?
18 September, 2023

How much does an MF Ceiling cost


In its most simple form, an MF ceiling generally costs between £5.00 - £7.00m2 for metal only. For a full MF system including plasterboard, you would be looking anywhere from £9.00 - £15.00m2.

cost of an mf ceiling

There are many different options and accessories to choose from when installing an MF ceiling, so it is important to understand how widely the cost can change, based on your ceilings requirements. In its simplest form, an MF ceiling can be seen as a great, cost-effective option against many other ceiling tiles and is relatively simple to install, but when we start to increase the systems technical performance to allow for fire protection, acoustic performance and other abilities, the cost and labour time can increase largely.


What is an mf ceiling?

An MF Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system made up of 3600mm metal components. The bare system is made up of the below products: -

what is an mf ceiling

When combined, these products create a suspended metal framework to which plasterboard can be fixed. The MF system is designed to carry the weight of single plasterboards and multi-layer performance boards. However, it is important to contact us if you are using double layers or heavy boards, so we can inform you of the steps you need to check, in order to make the system safe.


What does mf ceiling stand for?

The ‘MF’ in ‘MF Ceiling’ stands for metal framework. This system as told above is made up of a framework of metal, hence the abbreviated name MF.


Why would you use an MF ceiling?

MF ceilings are found in almost every building, as they are an extremely popular choice for people looking to create a new and clean ceiling, without having to remove the old and tired looking system. Because the MF is suspended, you can suspend this from your existing system, allowing you to hide it away from sight. This saves on both labour time and the cost of disposing of the old timber and plasterboard, making it a great cost-effective system, that also helps with environmental factors.


Where do we use MF ceilings?

We use MF ceiling systems in areas where we wish to hide an old ceiling or top fixing points, where we need access to run services by creating a ceiling void, or where we wish to improve thermal, acoustic and fire properties.

Hide old mess

The MF system is great for hiding derelict or unsightly looking ceilings. The system is suspended from the old system, then boarded over to hide the old system.

Allow for services

Creating a void between your original ceiling and your new mf system can be extremely helpful when you need to run services such as piping, ventilation and caballing. You can install access panels in the plasterboard to allow you to simply pop in to the void as and when needed. Due to our building becoming more technologically advanced, having access to your ceiling void has never been more important.

Thermal Linings

Your MF system can also become extremely useful when you need to insulate your ceiling. Having an easily accessible void means that you can install insulation rolls above your plaster boarded ceiling to retain heat and climatise the void to prevent condensation build up.

Acoustic Ceilings

Not only can you install thermal insulation, but you can also install acoustic insulation rolls, also known as APR (acoustic partition roll). Installing acoustic insulation will prevent sound escaping or entering your room. It will also prevent sound reverberation, also known as echo or reverb.

We also have other products which can help soundproof your ceiling, such as acoustic hangers. These hangers are specially designed to stop sound travelling up through your top fixing, which is usually where sound is transferred through floors above.

Fire Retardant Ceilings

Ensuring that you have the correct fire protection in place has never been more important. Recent disasters in the UK have woken us up to realise how important adequate protection is.

MF ceilings can produce fantastic fire performance when used with the correct insulation and plasterboards. Commonly known as 30 minute and 60 minute ratings, your system can be certified to achieve or better these for areas where fire resistance is essential.


How To install an MF Ceiling

Installing a metal framework ceiling is relatively straight forward for anybody confident in measuring and fixing. We are actively finding many more tradesman opting to install MF systems rather than traditional timber ceilings, due to the labour saving advantage.

When installing a timber supported ceiling, you have to saw or chop each piece to size and compete with bows in the wood and knots, which we all hate. With the MF systems metal components, you don’t have to work this hard, or encounter annoying knots. You can simply cut your metal pieces to size using snips.

For a full guide on how to install a metal framework ceiling, take a look at our dedicated guide or watch our video below.

Use our free online MF Ceiling Calculator, to calculate and order your MF components online today.

For more support with MF Ceilings or for a free no obligation quotation, give our expert team a call on 01253 864902 .

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