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Product Number: JCS-TOPIQVT15TOPIQ® Prime combines excellent technical performance with simple elega..
Availability 7 Days
Product Number: JCS-5464MCreate a more distinctive suspended ceiling: Armstrongs Dune Evo microlook ..
Availability In Stock
Product Number: JCS-ROCKE15In bath and shower areas, above swimming pools and in kitchens, JCS fibre..
Availability In Stock
Product Number: JCS-LMPVT15The AMF Thermatex Laguna offers good physical properties in both acoustic..
Availability Pre-Order
Product Number: JCS-THERMVT15The AMF Thermatex Thermofon is an elegant smooth surface with an acoust..
Availability In Stock
Product Number: JCS-TPLVT15The AMF Thermatex Plain Tile is designed for anyone wanting to keep there..
Availability In Stock
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Microlook Edge

Looking for that extra edge of detail? Then Microlook edge ceiling tiles are for you!

What is ‘Microlook Edge’?
Microlook edge ceiling tiles have a thin rebate around the perimeter and are designed to lay in to a 15mm wide grid system. They are not compatible with any other width ceiling grids.

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Microlook & VT-15 suspended ceiling tiles? It pays to trust the Judge.