MF Ceilings

MF7 Primary Support Channel 3.6m

Product Number: JCS-MF7The MF7 Primary Support Channel is one of the main MF ceiling components. It ..

£4.92 Inc. VAT £4.10 Exc. VAT

MF5 Metal Furring Section 3.6m

Product Number: JCS-MF5MF5 Metal Furring Ceiling Sections, also referred to as 'Top Hat', lets you c..

£5.22 Inc. VAT £4.35 Exc. VAT

MF6A Perimeter Edge Trim 3.6m

Product Number: JCS-MF6ACreate a strong, durable suspended ceiling without the visible grid lines. U..

£3.59 Inc. VAT £2.99 Exc. VAT

MF9 Furring to Channel Clips - Pre-formed Clips - Box of 200

Product Number: JCS-MF9Want a suspended ceiling but without the visible grid lines? MF (metal furrin..

£35.94 Inc. VAT £29.95 Exc. VAT

MF17 Suspension Angles 3.6m

Product Number: JCS-MF17The MF17 Suspension Angles, also known as hanger angle, are a 25mm x 25mm se..

£3.36 Inc. VAT £2.80 Exc. VAT

MF8 Strap Hanger

Product Number: JCS-MF8Want a suspended ceiling but without the visible grid lines? MF (metal furrin..

£16.38 Inc. VAT £13.65 Exc. VAT

MF11 Nut & Bolt - Box of 200

Product Number: JCS-MF11MF11 Nuts & Bolts are used to connect metal components together for your..

£16.74 Inc. VAT £13.95 Exc. VAT

MF Ceiling Kit 25m2

Product Number: JCS-MFKIT25We have created our tailored metal framework kits to make it both simple ..

£239.99 Inc. VAT £199.99 Exc. VAT

MF Ceiling Kit with 12.5mm Plasterboard

Product Number: JCS-MFKITWallboardHere at Judge Ceilings and Interiors we like to go one step furthe..

£15.00 Inc. VAT £12.50 Exc. VAT

GL3 Channel Connector - Box of 50

Product Number: JCS-GL3Manufacturers Product Number: AH118The Gl3 channel connector is designed..

£11.99 Inc. VAT £14.70 £9.99 Exc. VAT £12.25

Gypframe RB1 Acoustic Resilient Bar 3m Length

Product Number: JCS-RB1RBThe Gypframe RB1 is an acoustic resilient bar that has been specifically en..

£8.64 Inc. VAT £7.20 Exc. VAT

MF Ceiling Kit 50m2

Product Number: JCS-MFKIT50Looking to create a metal frame ceiling for an area of 50m2 or below? Our..

£479.99 Inc. VAT £399.99 Exc. VAT

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MF Ceilings

MF Metal Frame Work Ceilings? Save On The Labour Intensive Timber Ceilings.

Its no trade secret that timber frame ceilings are labour intensive, that is why the metal framework ceiling systems have started to be rolled out across the UK due to the cheap cost of the products and the super easy installation process.

Our range MF ceiling systems are made by such manufacturers as British Gypsum, Libra, Tradeline and Speedline. These systems have many certifications that can help with any specification including sound proofing, fire ratings and more.

Here at Judge, we have all the main components for creating your MF ceiling system, including our famous MF Ceiling Calculator, which will calculate the MF ceiling components that you need for your ceiling.

In the trade? Open a trade account to save even more on your MF Ceiling Systems.

MF Ceilings? It pays to trust the Judge