Meet Aruba - The New Name for Zentia Dune eVo

Meet Aruba - The New Name for Zentia Dune eVo
22 June, 2023

We have all been anticipating the new name for the Dune eVo ceiling tile, and we finally have it! The Zentia Aruba is simply a new name for the tile, the tile retains its make-up and technical abilities, it just has a new name on the tin.

Where To Use The Aruba


The Aruba is a great all-round tile that has good sound absorption, light reflection, and fire rating properties. The Aruba features a Class C sound absorption with a  34dB sound attenuation level. Due to these fantastic qualities, the tile can generally be found in areas such as offices, schools, libraries and many more project specific sites.

This tile can also be found in a variety of applications including: -


·        GP surgeries

·        Reception areas

·        Corridors

·        Pubs

·        Cafés

·        Restaurants


The sky is certainly the limit for the Aruba.


What Sizes and Edge Details Does the Aruba Come In?


The Aruba follows suit of the Dune and retains all edge details and sizes. The only change here is that Microlook edge detail is now referred to as Tegular15. This simply indicates a tegular edge detail, that is designed for use in a 15mm ceiling grid.

The sizes in which the Aruba comes in are listed below: -


·        600mmx 600mm

·        1200mmx 600mm


The edge details available are also listed below: -


·        Board Edge (24mm & 15mm ceiling grids)

·        Tegular24 (24mm ceiling grids only)

·        Tegular15 (15mm ceiling grids only)

The above edge details make it super easy to choose which type of ceiling tile you require for your project, and which ceiling grids they are compatible with.


Is The Aruba Fire Rated?


The Aruba does hold fire ratings yes. Certain conditions must be met in order for this tile to give you a certified rating, such as using Zentia prelude grid systems, installing under the correct surface/structures and installing main runners at the correct centres.

This tile will not significantly contribute towards the spread of flame or fire and is classified to EN 13501-1 and rated A20s1,d0.

For more information on the fire performance of the Aruba ceiling system, contact us today on 01253 864902.




Not only does this tile have fantastic technical qualities, it is also a great option for sustainability, as the tile is made from up to 44% recycled content. The tiles are also fully recyclable and can be recycled through the Zentia Pinnacle Approved Partners scheme.


Why The Change of Name?


The recent name changes to the Zentia ceiling tile names were due to legalities. Zentia was formerly Armstrong Ceilings, but when they were bought out and resold off as part of the sale agreement was that they were to change the brand names of most of their products. This included: -


·        Armstrong Tatra – Now Zentia Fission

·        Armstrong Cortega – Now Zentia Fission ND

·        Armstrong Fine Fissured – Now Zentia Fission FT

·        Armstrong Academy Merit – Now Zentia Bene

·        Armstrong Academy Diploma – Now Zentia Arena

·        Armstrong Dune eVo – Now Zentia Aruba


The reason the name Aruba was given to the tile, is because Aruba is the name of a beach and the dunes sandy finish resembles that of beach sand, making it a suitable name for the ceiling tile.


For more information on the Zentia rebranding’s and name changes, give our knowledgeable team a call today on 01253 864902.

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