What Ceiling Tile Do I Need?

A guide to ceiling tiles and their purpose

It is no industry secret that there are many different brands, styles and size of ceiling tiles. Brands such as Armstrong Zentia, Knauf AMF, Rockfon and Ecophon lead the way in terms of performance and quality. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are the only contenders for ceiling supplies.

In our experience, the key points and considerations are;

  • Does the tile have all relevant certifications?
  • Does the tile come with a warranty?
  • Are the tiles readily available?
  • What is the purpose of the ceiling tile?
The above points are just some of the things you must consider when replacing or matching up your suspended ceiling tiles. For new ceiling tiles, we would certainly look at the purpose of the ceiling and what you need to achieve from it. For example, does your ceiling need to be fire rated, acoustic or humidity resistant? Is it for a school, office or hospital? These factors change the scope of tile that you need drastically, as the many ranges designed by manufacturers, are made to suit specific areas and conditions.


Ceiling Tiles For Hospitals

Hospitals, dental practices and surgeries have strict standards to adhere to, due to the nature of the activities that take place within the building. Their are such things as clean room classifications and ISO ratings that must be achieved when designing and constructing your system. Their are many ceiling tiles that are designed for this application including the Rockfon Medicare, Armstrong Bioguard and Ecophon Hygiene Meditec just to name a few. 

Ceiling Tiles For Offices

The type of ceiling tile that you may need for your office suspended ceiling will vary depending on a few factors. These factors include what the space is used for, where the office is located for example in the center of a building, or off the side of a cold loud warehouse, and of course the style you are looking for.

The reasons we mention the office location, is due to the possibility of noise and cold that can transfer through to your room via your suspended ceiling. An office that is situated between multiple other dry and warm rooms that are well insulated, would not require a highly rated acoustic or thermal tile, unless you are looking to achieve a certain standard. On the other hand, a room that is located off the side of a cold and noisy warehouse, would require a higher quality ceiling tile, to reduce the amount of noise and cold transferred.

The two types of ceiling tiles we would look for here, are acoustic ceiling tiles such as the Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic, and thermal ceiling tiles like the Ecophon Advantage A.

If you are fortunate to have a well insulated building and do not require an acoustic or thermally insulated ceiling, then you have a large range of standard ceiling tiles to choose from as shown below;

The most commonly used ceiling tiles in offices

Insulating your office ceiling

Due to ever rising energy costs, insulating your build is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Insulating your exterior and interior walls is a given, but insulating a ceiling is often forgotten. You wouldn't have a fridge without a top, or an oven without a door, so why insulate your walls and not your ceiling?

Heat rises and is often lost through a suspended ceiling as they contain many air gaps, and vast majority of ceiling tiles are not designed to retain heat to a high standard. That is why we actively offer our insulation pads to all our customers, to ensure that their well paid energy isn't squandered.

Improving the acoustics in your office

Nobody wants to be in a room filled with echoing voices and bouncing sounds. Sound reverberation is a huge problem in thousands of offices around the UK. Many factors can contribute to sound reverberation, your ceiling being one of them. Acoustically rated ceiling tiles are designed to absorb sound rather then reflect it, which will reduce these horrible bouncing sounds that you are hearing.

Some of the best tiles for the job are below;

Of course, we do provide acoustic insulation pads and acoustic ceiling panels that will also improve the rooms acoustic greatly. For a much greater impact on your sound, we can provide you with Sound Blocker Ceiling Panels that are useful in offices all the way up to cinema ceilings.

The key to preventing or fixing sound reverberation is to absorb the sound. We can do this by using any of the above methods and by adding soft furnishings to the rooms such as wall art, plants, sofas and more. A well insulated ceiling is only as good as the walls and floors around it. If your walls are paper thin, then the sound from in and below the room will transfer, so it is imperative to improve the acoustic of both your walls, floors and ceilings at the same time.

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