Pro-Mod Ultra Low Glare LED Panel

Discover the light that cuts eye strain, cuts maintenance and cuts costs

There’s always been something of a battle going on in ceiling lighting between the competing priorities of cost, durability and light quality.

Traditionally, fluorescents were (and still are) ultra-low cost, and as technology has improved the buzz and flicker have been lowered too, reducing their tendency to cause eyestrain. But fluorescents aren’t generally dimmable, and they use more electricity than LEDs.

LEDs, of course, have all but taken over ceiling lighting in the past few years. Costs have reduced massively, making them affordable in most applications, and the light can be warmer. They last for ages too, with the only issue being that, when the ceiling light does eventually give up the ghost, you’ve needed to replace the entire ceiling panel.

At least, that used to be the case.

Never replace another ceiling panel

The new PRO-MOD ultra-low glare ceiling panel uses replaceable LEDs so when the light reaches the end of its life, you don’t have to switch the entire panel. What’s more, changing the bulb doesn’t require a degree in electrical engineering (or an electrician). Just swap the bulb out using the simple plug and play connector. The result is an LED bulb that lasts, a ceiling panel that could last virtually forever, and a replacement process that’s quick and simple.

Ultra-low glare

The PRO-MOD has a UGR rating of 16. UGR is the ‘unified glare rating’ which gives a measure between 5 and 40 for the level of glare from a luminaire. The higher the rating, the greater the likelihood light will bounce off surfaces like whiteboards, desks, screens and windows, increasing the risk of eye strain and associated headaches.

At 16, this LED panel is ideal for workplace and classroom environments.

Saves vs other LEDs

Virtually every LED light costs less to run than a fluorescent. But what’s particularly impressive about the PRO-MOD LED is that with a 150lm/w Edison LED, producing 4,500 lumens at only 30W, this LED will save you money even compared with other LEDs.

If your ceiling still contains old and inefficient lighting, it’s time to switch to low glare, low maintenance and low cost LEDs. Order yours now.

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