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If your ceiling lighting is putting a strain on the wallet as well as the eyes, take advantage of our free North West lighting surveys.

Fluorescent Lighting in Office Ceiling Grid

Look up. If your home or workplace is like the majority of the UK, there’ll still be more than a handful of halogen spotlights and incandescent bulbs in use. According to this report, most of us still have 10 halogens in use.

And they’re costing you money.

How much money am I losing through inefficient lighting?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a typical halogen light will be costing you around £11 a year to run. And you’ll need to replace it every couple of years. An LED bulb or panel will cost you around £2 per year to run and it’s likely to last upwards of 10 years (and in some cases 15-20).

Multiply that across all your lighting and it’s not hard to see where you could be losing money. We’ll help you get it back.

Free lighting surveys

At Judge Ceilings, we offer free lighting surveys to evaluate the quality of your current light fittings and (most importantly) their running costs. We’ll show you how switching your existing halogens and fluorescents to energy efficient LED bulbs and panels can help:

  • Cut your energy costs
  • Cut the cost (and frequency) of replacements
  • Remove flicker and glare from the workspace (so your people suffer fewer headaches and less eye strain)
  • Reduce maintenance requirements

You could be amazed at how much you save by swapping your old light fittings for new eco-friendly LED lighting. In particular our range of LED panels are a perfect replacement for old modular fittings, because you can say goodbye to fiddly tube replacement and maintenance thanks to their simple 'plug & play' system.

What we do

We’ll do a walk-through of your site to examine the type of fittings you have, the power consumption or wattage of the fittings and the suitability of the lights for the room they are in. We’ll then create a proposal for a low energy lighting scheme to match (and improve) your current lighting conditions.

We’ll show you how much you could save on energy costs, and show you how quickly the new LEDs will pay for themselves.

How do we calculate savings?

We’ll ask you for a recent energy bill to match your savings to your actual per kWh costs – so you know the savings aren’t averages, they’re based on your actual usage and prices.

Across the North West and beyond

From our surveys to date, we know the biggest scope for savings are in schools, hospitals, offices and retail outlets. We’re carrying out our free lighting surveys now in Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Manchester and across the North West. Depending on the scale of project, we’ll travel nationwide too.

Cut your energy costs. Improve your quality and durability of your lighting. And cut your carbon emissions. Switch to low glare, low maintenance and low cost LEDs. Book your free survey now on 01253 864902.

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