Access Panels Make the Job Easier

How one simple square (or circular) panel can help save you time and money.

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If you’ve ever rewired or plumbed an old building, you’ll know that half the time on the job can be spent tracing wires and pipes to find where the original designers hid the junction box, stopcock, valves and more.

And often, even when you’ve found them, accessing them requires channelling out or breaking through a solid surface. It’s messy, complicated and time consuming. And that all costs money.

Thankfully, access panels give you a much simpler way of accessing the parts of the electrical, plumbing, security, AV or IT system you need. Not only will they save time in terms of cabling and plumbing the project now and in the future; they’re also incredibly swift and simple to fit.

So every time you fit one you save time and money.

Choose your access panel

There are a number of panel options depending on application. Choose square or round. Choose metal or plasterboard-faced (depending on whether you want the panel to be easily identifiable or to blend with its surroundings), and 1 or 2-hr fire rated. Then choose a picture or beaded frame (again, to make the panel easily identifiable or to be merged into the plasterwork).

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Sizes vary depending on shape and construction but can typically start at 150mm x 150mm and rise to 600mm x 600mm for major access requirements. As a result, you can pack a range of utilities behind a single panel door or select multiple smaller access panels to keep services distinct.

How much money am I losing through inefficient lighting?

  1. Use the template supplied with the box to position your panel and mark cutting lines
  2. Cut the opening for your access panel
  3. Place the panel in the hole and use the simple screw system to clamp the panel securely

Explore all our access panels now, and if you need advice on which is the right diffuser for your application, please get in touch or call us on 01253 864902.

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