How do I prevent glare from my office lights?

Glare isn’t just inconvenient. In workplaces, it can damage productivity and increase the number of instances of eye strain and headaches experienced by staff. But there is a simple way of addressing it.

Modern Office with Bright Ceiling Lights

What is glare?

We all know glare when we see it. But what is it? Glare occurs when light ‘invades’ your visual field, forcing your eye to continually work hard to filter the glare from the task you’re trying to complete (on, for example, your tablet or computer screen).

Because your eye has to work harder, glare increases the risk of eye strain and associated headaches and migraines. So part of creating a comfortable workspace – especially in any environment which uses reflective surfaces is a major part of ensuring you meet your health and safety requirements.

Ceiling light diffusers

In a workplace, glare can come from many sources – not least the sun - but one of the most obvious and invasive can be from the ceiling lighting in your own office. The challenge, of course, is eliminating glare without eliminating light, and that’s the function of diffusers. There are two main types. You can read more about louvre or egg crate diffusers here.

The other type of diffuser, prismatic, uses a solid panel of prisms to scatter and disperse the light coming from your ceiling light panel. That means there’s less direct light to bounce off your workers’ computer screens and less glare to cause headaches, migraines and eye strain. And that means your workers can stay healthier and be more productive.

How do you fit diffusers?

Ceiling light diffusers sit below the light source and can be as effective with LED panels as they are with older modular fittings.

They are incredibly simple to fit. Just slot them into the light unit – no clips or fixings required. They’re a cheap fix too – with all our diffusers available at low cost.

Which diffuser do I need?

You’ll find options for standard single or double ceiling panels at JCS. And when the rest of your suspended ceiling offers fire protection, ensure the diffuser does too.

Our TP(a) rated diffuser offers the greatest level of fire protection and are ideal for use in schools, hospitals, public spaces and all office environments.

Explore all our prismatic light diffusers now, and if you need advice on which is the right diffuser for your application, please get in touch or call us on 01253 864902.

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