What’s the difference between ‘egg-crate’ and prismatic diffusers?

We stock two types of ceiling light diffuser. So what are the differences, and why would you choose one over the other?

Suspended Ceiling Light Diffusers

Glare is a constant issue for workplaces – especially if your staff spend lots of times working on screens. In our article on prismatic diffusers, we explore what glare is and how placing diffusers over your ceiling lights can help reduce issues such as migraine, eye strain and headaches. But if prismatic diffusers are so effective (and they are), how come there’s an entirely different type of diffuser to choose from too?

Egg crate vs prismatic

It’s not hard to spot the difference between the two diffuser types. A prismatic diffuser is a solid acrylic or thermosplastic sheet into which prisms have been etched to scatter the light. In contrast, an egg crate diffuser is a lattice or grill-type construction. It diffuses light not by scattering it, but by breaking it up, the grid system making it easier to position screens and monitors in a way that avoids direct reflection.

Clearly, an egg crate diffuser doesn’t have quite the same light scattering power as a prismatic, but there are other reasons why egg crates might be the natural option for your application.

Water: Your sprinkler system can’t do its job effectively if large quantities of the water it emits are collected behind your prismatic diffusers. Building Regs require sprinkler systems to operate with a free and unrestricted flow of water. Egg crate diffusers break up light and glare whilst protecting the effectiveness of the sprinkler system.

Air: If yours is an office where the ceiling tiles flap whenever someone opens the door, prismatic diffusers are likely to exacerbate the problem. To fix the problem of lifting tiles, attach hold down clips to keep tiles in place, and choose egg crate diffusers to enable air to flow naturally through the open cells, reducing the forces that make tiles lift.

Aquariums & Vivariums: One of the lesser known applications of egg crate diffusers are in the filtration systems of aquariums. Reptile enthusiasts also use them in the process of catching/hatching eggs because the grid system is the perfect shape for the job, whilst the anti-static fluid coating prevent airborne dust and dirt from sticking to the panel.

Explore all our egg crate light diffusers now, and if you need advice on which is the right diffuser for your application, please get in touch or call us on 01253 864902.

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