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Discover Armstrong Academy Merit & Academy Diploma, the ceiling tiles specifically designed for schools, colleges and universities.

Teacher Teaching in School Classroom

“A large number of classrooms in the UK currently suffer from poor acoustics.” That was one of the opening statements of Building Bulletin 93, a Department of Education-driven document which tightened the regulation of acoustic design in schools.

The bulletin recognised a number of issues within the UK’s academic buildings: that sound intrusion is common in open plan, modern designs; that old Victorian buildings are no longer a suitable acoustic ‘fit’ for modern expectations, and that modern construction techniques may require additional insulation when applied to schools.

It set out to create a set of standards that would inhibit reverberation in teaching areas, reduce ambient noise levels and improve sound absorption and speech intelligibility in rooms, open plan spaces, halls and stairwells.

Sound matters

Improving the acoustics of schools isn’t simply a matter of peace, quiet and creating an atmosphere conducive to learning – although that’s certainly a part of it. We know that children with hearing problems, on the autistic spectrum or with other neurodiverse conditions can be overwhelmed, confused or otherwise disadvantaged by noise. So getting the acoustics right is a matter of being fair to every student.

Ceiling tiles certified for schools

We’ve been supplying ceiling tiles with acoustic-dampening properties for years now. But only recently has a suspended ceiling tile been produced that delivers on the specific acoustic requirements of BB93.

Armstrong’s Academy Diploma and Merit tiles have been specifically developed to perform in academic environments, helping to make good on the DofE’s aim to improve sound quality. You can compare the acoustic performance of the two tiles here:

Acoustic propertyAcademy MeritAcademy Diploma
Sound Absorption αw0.60 (H)0.55
Sound Absorption ClassCD
Sound Attenuation Dnfw (dB)3532
Sound Reduction Index Rw (dB)17 -
Sound Absorption NRC0.600.5

More than sound sense

Of course, there are more issues for schools and universities to contend with than sound quality. Cost effectiveness, light quality and the environment are all factors that matter more to academic institutions than ever before, so it’s fortunate that, in addition to the acoustic performance, the tiles also deliver the following:

PropertyAcademy MeritAcademy Diploma
Light Reflectance85%84%
Recycled Content50%47%
% Recyclable35100%

Better value with Judge

Judge Ceiling Systems now have Armstrong’s Diploma and Merit tiles available to order. And as you’d expect from JCS, they’re both exceptional value.

Order Armstrong Academy Diploma and Merit ceiling tiles for schools.

And for any questions on choosing the right ceiling tiles for your academic institution, call us now on 01253 864902.

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