Which Drywall Screw Do I Need?

Check our screws and fixings and you’ll find lots of options. But which is the right one for you?

Builder Fixing Drywall to Ceiling Frame

Which length of screw do I need?

There’s always a bit of a trade-off when choosing screw length. Generally speaking, the longer the screw the stronger the fix, but that’s limited by (obviously) the depth of the material you’re screwing into and the fact that long screws are harder to drive into place than shorter ones. If you have a lot of drywalling to do, a longer screw will make the job take longer too.

Our rule of thumb is to choose a screw at least twice the width of the drywall, batten or other material you’re screwing to the studding.

Black or zinc plated?

The key elements affecting your decision here will be durability and aesthetics. A zinc screw is designed so that the coating corrodes before the steel beneath, protecting the steel (and therefore the integrity of the screw). The zinc begins to corrode immediately, but it’s a slow process offering greater protection over time than a black phosphorous screw. In dry areas – and especially where the screw head won’t be visible - it’s a good value option.

A black phosphorous coating is even better value. It provides greater protection than zinc over the shorter term. Unlike zinc, the coating is designed to prevent the start of the corrosive process so it won’t mark, but the coating won’t prevent corrosion entirely, so it’s not suitable for outdoor environments. In dry applications, it’s a good aesthetic choice where the screw head will be visible.

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