Why choose vinyl ceiling tiles?

The classic suspended ceiling tile design is a textured or fissured mineral fibre surface. So why might you choose the simplicity of a vinyl tile?

Wiping Down Ceiling Tile With Cloth

Suspended ceilings are suitable for virtually any area – but some ceiling types are better suited to certain applications.

In most areas, the classic textured or fissured ceiling tile will offer the optimal combination of fire protection, acoustic dampening and insulation, but in areas of high moisture, or where hygiene is a vital element, the classic ceiling tile doesn’t offer the right level of moisture resistant, wipe clean simplicity.

But vinyl tiles do.

Wipeable for hygiene

In canteens, kitchens, takeaways and more, a vinyl, wipeable ceiling tile is a ceiling tile that won’t compromise your hygiene standards. Because the smooth surface lends itself to easy cleaning, you don’t have to worry about the effect of grease collecting on your ceiling surface. Just regularly pop the tiles, wipe and return to the ceiling grid.

Moisture resistant

Place a traditional ceiling tile in high moisture areas (in a kitchen, a bathroom or above a swimming pool) and over time you’ll find the moisture causes the tiles to sag and stain. That’s because uncoated mineral fibre, the traditional material of ceiling tiles, is absorbent, so it gradually collects and traps water vapour. But a vinyl faced ceiling tile resists moisture, so your suspended ceiling lasts longer.

Light reflectance

It’s a fortunate coincidence that vinyl tiles, which typically offer greater light reflectance than ‘regular’ ceiling tiles, are used most often in areas where light can be in short supply. Choose a white tile and your ceiling helps create a lighter workspace.


Choosing a vinyl wrapped tile doesn’t mean you have to compromise on insulation properties. Look for foil backed ceiling tiles.

How do I install vinyl, wipe clean tiles?

You install vinyl tiles exactly the same way as any other ceiling tile. With the grid installed, slotting each tile into place takes just seconds. And thanks to the wipe clean surface and moisture resistance, you’ll find the tiles don’t need frequent replacement.

Which wipe clean tiles do I need?

You’ll find a range of options here, but for our best value wipe clean tile, with foil backing for insulation, choose TVS Vinyl Wipeclean Tiles.

Or, for help in making the right choice, get in touch or call us on 01253 864902.

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