Rockfon Blanka – X Marks the Saving

Discover the ceiling tile that saves you money by using your old ceiling grid...

Rockfon Blanka X Edge

Every suspended ceiling has the same core components: ceiling tiles and a grid to support them all. You can change the texture or colour of your ceiling tiles whenever you like, but when you’re dealing with old grid it’s easy to find that the new tiles highlight just how old, dirty or discoloured the grid has become. It’s also possible the old grid colour is no longer a match for the new tiles set within it. So you’ve had little choice but to replace the grid too.

But not with the Rockfon Blanka X Edge.

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The X Edge is a concealed mounting system that sits on any traditional 24mm grid. Because of the unique way the tiles are mounted, the grid is invisible, as this image demonstrates:

Rockfon Blanka X Edge

So it doesn’t matter that your grid is black or gold. It doesn’t matter that, after 20 years, white has become off-white. It doesn’t even matter that the grid would benefit from a thorough clean, because none of it will be visible.

So you can replace your suspended ceiling tiles without replacing your grid. And that saves time, money, effort and inconvenience.

But the savings don’t stop there.

Whiter than white

Whether you choose the X Edge or the traditional board style, Rockfon Blanka’s super-white surface offers high light diffusion and reflection, supporting your energy saving efforts and creating a bright, comfortable environment. Enhanced surface durability resists dirt, grime, wear and tear, so each tile lasts longer before requiring replacement. And installation is quick and simple, so you save there too.

Ideal for office, retail, healthcare, school and leisure environments, discover the performance - and savings – of Rockfon Blanka:

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