Armstrong is now Zentia!

Whoare Zentia? What happened to Armstrong? And why can you still buy Armstrongsuspended ceiling products on the JCS site?

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It’s been all change in the world of suspended ceilings and it means that the days of buying Armstrong suspended ceiling products are numbered. Here’s why.


What’s happened?

In 2019, Aurelius Equity Opportunities bought a portion of the Armstrong Ceiling Solutions business owned by Knauf. Late in 2020, Aurelius announced that Armstrong would be rebranding to Zentia.


Is all of Armstrong now Zentia?

No. A portion of the international business and its metal ceilings division now form part of Knauf Ceiling Solutions.


So if I used to buy Armstrong suspended ceiling tiles, I now need to buy Zentia?

Not so fast. Zentia ceiling tiles will, we assume, become the dominant brand in due course. But not just yet. Whilst Zentia will be the leading brand name from hereon in, the company will run a dual brand strategy for the time being to support the transition.


When will the Armstrong brand name disappear?

We don’t know. A press release covering the acquisition confirmed only that, “the company will continue to trade under the Armstrong name for an agreed period of time.”


So I can continue to buy Armstrong suspended ceiling products?

Yes. Officially, it will be a Zentia Armstrong product you buy, but the Armstrong name is, for now, still alive and well.


That means that, if your preferred suspended ceiling tile of choice was the Armstrong Cortega, Academy Diploma, Academy Merit or Dune Evo, it still will be for a while yet.


You can find our complete Armstrong range here.


Should we expect big changes?

The honest answer is we don’t know, but the Zentia site gives us a clue. It says:

“Refreshed and reinvigorated, we’re here to support you in creating rooms and realities fit for the future. We’re the same people you’ve always worked with, with the same insight and experience, but now with a new, digital-first mindset. The products you’ve always relied on, coupled with trusted support. A proven approach to solving architecture and design challenges, with added agility.”


Which doesn’t sound like wholesale change to us, at least not anytime soon.


So Armstrong is now Zentia, but you’ll be seeing the Armstrong name for a while yet. And if you want to find the best prices on Armstrong suspended ceiling tiles, you know where to come.

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