Fire Hoods - A Simpler Way to Fire Safety

They couldn't be simpler, quicker or cheaper to install – but they could make all the difference in the event of a fire. Is your suspended ceiling lighting protected by fire hoods?

Simplicity in safety
Fire hoods seal the gap between your suspended ceiling lighting and the ceiling and void around it. With a burn through rate of 1hr a fire hood could stop a fire spreading along the void, and give you, your family or your colleagues time to raise the alarm and make it to safety.

Select the right fire hood for you
Always select fire hoods larger than the downlights over which they’ll sit. As a minimum the fire hood should sit 25mm taller than the downlight and 100mm longer/wider.

Choose fire hoods from JCS
All JCS fire hoods are made from intumescent materials to inhibit combustion. One hood sits over each downlight within your suspended ceiling, and each is ventilated to prevent the light overheating.

Talk to JCS about your suspended ceiling lighting, and about protecting your people and property with fire hoods.

Fire hoods? Trust the Judge.