Suspended Ceiling Terminology And Phrases

In this article we will explore and explain the different words and phrases used to describe suspended ceilings and suspended ceiling components.

So what words are used?

There are many different words used to describe suspended ceilings such as drop ceilings, fake ceilings or floating ceilings. Below we have produced a list of these different words:

Keyword                                                                                                                            Phrases

Suspended Ceilings                                                                         
  • Drop Ceilings
  • Drop In Ceilings
  • Drop Out Ceilings
  • Fake Ceilings
  • Tiled Ceilings
  • Floating Ceilings
  • T-Bar Ceilings
  • Grid Ceiling
Suspended Ceiling Tiles
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • 600 x 600 Ceiling Tiles
  • 595 x 595 Ceiling Tiles
  • Mineral Fiber Tiles
  • Plasterboard Tiles
  • Tegular Tiles
  • Reveal Edge Tiles
  • Square Edge Tiles
  • Board Edge Tiles
3.6m Main Tees
  • Main Tee
  • Main Bar
  • T-Bar
  • Main Runner
  • Runner Bar
  • Main Channel
1200mm Cross Tees
  • 1200mm Cross Tee
  • 1200mm Cross Section
  • 1200mm Cross Bar
  • 1200mm T-Bar
600mm Cross Tees
  • 600mm Cross Tee
  • 600mm Cross Section
  • 600mm Cross Bar
  • 600mm T-Bar
3m Edge Trim                                                                                       
  • Edge Trim
  • Perimeter Trim
  • Edge Angle
  • Perimeter Angle
  • Wall Angle
  • Wall Track
  • Perimeter Track
  • Edge Track
Insulation Pads
  • Insulation Pad
  • Insulation Bag
  • Insulation Tiles
  • Thermal Insulation Bags
  • Thermal Insulation Pads
  • Acoustic Insulation Bags
  • Acoustic Insulation Pads

The above words and paraphrases cover the most popular searches on our site. If you need any more information on our products or the terminology used to describe them, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01253 864 902

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