Apr 26

Why Did Knauf AMF Become Knauf Ceiling Solutions?

At the start of this year, Knauf AMF brought together “two of the world’s most recognised ceiling manufacturers in one market-leading brand”: Knauf Ceiling Solutions. But why? And what does it mean for you?

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Apr 08

Armstrong is now Zentia!

Who are Zentia? What happened to Armstrong? And why can you still buy Armstrong suspended ceiling products on the JCS site?

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Apr 08

Knauf AMF Carton Increases

Ceiling tile manufacturer Knauf Ceiling Solutions (formerly AMF) has announced new detailsof its cartons – and you’ll now find more tiles per carton. Which means more ceiling for your money.


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Apr 13

Why choose charcoal ceiling tiles?

We’re constantly told that lighter shades make spaces feel bigger, brighter and airier, but there are lots of reasons why a near black ceiling tile could be the right choice for your space. And right now at JCS, the price is just one of them.

Rockfon Charcoal Ceiling Tiles

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Jan 03

Rockfon Blanka – X Marks the Saving

Discover the ceiling tile that saves you money by using your old ceiling grid...

Rockfon Blanka X Edge

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