Sep 13

Which Drywall Screw Do I Need?

Check our screws and fixings and you’ll find lots of options. But which is the right one for you?

Builder Fixing Drywall to Ceiling Frame

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Mar 07

Suspended Ceiling Terminology And Phrases

In this article we will explore and explain the different words and phrases used to describe suspended ceilings and suspended ceiling components.

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Jun 09

We Now Supply & Install Partitions

Now you can trust Judge with more than your suspended ceilings...

Make more effective use of the space you have. Create new rooms that meet your needs. Build business space that can adapt and grow as you do. Judge Ceiling Systems now supplies and installs partition systems.

Make the space you have, the space you want
Partitions create space simply, effectively and inexpensively. They allow you to transform the space you have into the space you want. And because partitions are easily mountable and demountable you can adapt your office space over time to meet your changing needs.

JCS partition systems
We’ve long been associated with only the best names in suspended ceilings. We believe the same should apply to our partitions. That’s why we supply Tenon partition systems. Choose from the following options:

Vitrage - clear lines and visual simplicity combine in this silicone glazed partition system. Available in single or double glazed systems, choose Vitrage for light space and open views, combined with privacy.

Fire & Sound - endlessly versatile, endlessly relocatable and built for fire resistance and sound suppression. Fire rating: 30 and 60 mins to BS476 pt 22 doors, glazing and solid modules. Sound rating: From 34dB to 52dB on solid modules.

Flexplus - no partition system is more cost effective, or more flexible. For simple , practical office divides that are simple and quick to install, choose Flexplus.

Talk to JCS
Why not combine your partition system with a new suspended ceiling to create a better work space? From start to finish, we’ll make sure your projects runs efficiently and smoothly. Contact us to find out more.

Partition systems? Trust the Judge.

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Jun 09

LED Ceiling Panels - Time to See the Light

LED ceiling panels have been available for some time now. But if you wanted to make them a part of your suspended ceiling lighting system they would have made for a costly addition. Not any more.

Big on light; light on cost
At Judge Ceiling Systems we’ve been following the development of LED ceiling panels for the past couple of years. Initially they struggled to match their fluorescent counterparts for light and cost hundreds of pounds each, making them prohibitively expensive for the vast majority of suspended ceilings.

Over time the light improved even if the price didn’t, but it was only a matter of time - and now that time has come.

We’re delighted to announce that JCS stocks recessed LED ceiling panels for suspended ceilings. Four concealed edge lighting strips give a uniform level of illumination across the face of the panel and an estimated lamp life of 50,000 hours means they’ll stay shining bright for years.

Best of all, though: you’ll now be able to realise savings on individual unit prices as well as energy and running costs.

Make LED ceiling panels a part of your suspended ceiling lighting

It’s taken a while to get here, but now you can have cost effective, energy efficient lighting recessed into your suspended ceiling. Talk to JCS about lighting your suspended ceiling for less.

LED ceiling lighting? Trust the Judge.

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Jun 09

An alternative use for eggcrate light diffusers

An alternative use for eggcrate light diffusers

When is an eggcrate light diffuser not an eggcrate light diffuser? When it’s the perfect answer to your craft/Copic marker pen storage problems.

After 40+ years in the suspended ceiling industry, you’d think we’d know pretty much all there is to know about our products. But we hadn’t reckoned on Val Southgate of Peterborough, who has found a novel way of putting our ceiling light diffusers to use. We’ll let Val take up the story…

“As you may be aware, crafting is very big in the UK at the moment. Part of this is the colouring of stamped and other images with alcohol pens, the most popular make of these (and the most expensive!) being Copic markers. There are a maximum of 358 (!) to collect and the matter of storage is a difficult one as you often need to transport them to events and courses.

“The eggcrate ‘cells’ are exactly the right size to house one Copic pen. I therefore used two layers of the eggcrate, cut to fit into a Really Useful box together with nuts and bolts I bought from B&Q. Then, hey presto, within 30 mins storage is made and in a really attractive portable solution.

“I managed to make two boxes with what I ordered, each one capable of housing all 358 Copic pens and more! Thank you again for your great service.”

Huge thanks to Val for getting in touch. If you’d like to emulate Val’s Copic marker pen storage solution you’ll find our eggcrate diffusers here. And if you’ve found a novel use for any of our suspended ceiling products or accessories we’d love to hear about it. To order, or to tell us your story, please contact us.

Copic marker pen storage? Trust the Judge.

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