May 18

Access Panels Make the Job Easier

How one simple square (or circular) panel can help save you time and money.

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Jun 09

Discover the next generation of access panels and hatches

Discover the next generation of access panels and hatches

Fitting access panels is no longer the time consuming chore it once was…

Fitting traditional access panels and hatches can be tricky and is always time consuming. There’s assembling the frame to receive the hatch, screwing or gluing everything in place, and then finishing the job with plaster.

If you’re in the trade it’s a task that can add time to a job, putting pressure on your profit margins. If you’re fitting a traditional access panel domestically, it will prove the trickiest of tests for your DIY skills.

But now there’s a quicker, easier way to install access hatches and panels. Palco access hatches fit straight into a plasterboard wall or ceiling, and there’s no bracing, screwing or sticking required.

Instead, the clever ClixFix fitting system locks the panel in place, while the discreet frame means there’s no need to reach for the filler, plaster or paint to achieve a great finish.

Palco access panels come in a range of colours, with varying locks and fire protection ratings. You can find our most popular, dual action Palco access panel here – and it’s suitable for walls or ceilings.

To find the access hatch that’s perfect for your application, please contact us.

Access panels? Trust the Judge.

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