Apr 08

Armstrong is now Zentia!

Whoare Zentia? What happened to Armstrong? And why can you still buy Armstrongsuspended ceiling products on the JCS site?

Armstrong Zentia Banner
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Jun 09

Case Study - Marsac House

Plafonds suspendus*

*that’s ‘suspended ceilings’ in French

When Richard decided to renovate his home in France he needed to conceal a patchy and irregular utility room ceiling. He chose JCS as his suspended ceiling supplier of choice, and he’s rather glad he did. This is what he sent us:

“Greetings from sunny(ish) France. Early in the year you very kindly supplied us with a suspended ceiling kit for use in renovating our utility room. Well, the project is finally complete. The ceiling went up very well with no issues at all. It’s an excellent product, and I would like to thank you once again for the superb service we received when ordering and organising delivery.”


What’s more, he added this as his sign-off:

“I would like other people to know about the quality of the products and the services you supply.”

As you can imagine, we’re only too happy to oblige.

Order suspended ceilings from Judge

For service choice and quality order online, or talk to Judge Ceiling Systems on 08452 600 884. Even if you’re not in France.

Suspended ceilings? Trust the Judge.

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Jun 09

Armstrong Suspended Ceiling Range from Judge

Armstrong suspended ceiling?
Trust the Judge to supply the entire range

No one does more to push the boundaries of what’s possible in suspended ceilings than Armstrong. And few have been working with them, installing and supplying their products longer than JCS.

150 years of Armstrong

Armstrong has been in the suspended ceiling world since the 1960s – but the company has been around much longer: since the 1860s, in fact.

Thomas Morton Armstrong started his cork cutting business from a small Pittsburgh store. Hardly innovative stuff, but then there wasn’t much call for acoustically efficient, environmentally friendly suspended ceilings and canopies in 1860.

Taking the suspended ceiling further

We’ve been stocking Armstrong suspended ceilings since we began back in 1974. Today we supply Armstrong because they understand better than anyone else the true possibilities of the suspended ceiling.

What used to be a simple mask to hide the bits of your room you didn’t want anyone to see (pipes/cables/crumbling plaster etc) is now so much more. And that’s largely thanks to Armstrong’s innovations.

Acoustic performance is better. Fire ratings are higher. Environmental credentials are greater and even daylight optimisation is improved thanks to new ceiling tiles with higher reflectance values.

Armstrong suspended ceilings – for all your design ambitions

Technical innovation is only half of Armstrong’s appeal. More than anyone else, Armstrong has turned the humble suspended ceiling into a design feature. It’s no longer purely functional – it’s a contributor to the elegance, style or sheer extravagance of your room. From curved canopies to ultra smooth, sleek suspended ceiling tiles, whatever your design ambitions, we’ll help you realise them using Armstrong suspended ceiling.

Find every Armstrong ceiling product with JCS

You’ll find Armstrong products in almost every corner of this site – but there simply isn’t room to display everything. So if your space needs the design brilliance or technical innovation of Armstrong, just call us on 08452 600 884.

Ask us about the following Armstrong suspended ceiling products:

Island ceilings and canopies:
Axiom canopy
Fabric canopy
Infusion canopy
Metal Infusions Canopy
Optima canopy
Orcal canopy
Ultima canopy

Mineral suspended ceilings:
Academy Diploma
Academy Merit
Biogard Acoustic
Biogard Plain
Contrast Cirrus
Design Cirrus
Clean Room FL
Colortone Dune
Dune dB
Dune Max
Dune Supreme
Dune Supreme unperforated
Fine Fissured
Colortone Fine Fissured
Colortone Nevada
Optima L canopy
Optima curved canopy
Parafon Hygien
Perla dB
Perla OP 0.95
Perla OP 1.00
Sierra OP
Ultima dB
Ultima OP

Metal suspended ceiling tiles:
Mesh Board
Mesh Microlook 8
Mesh Tegular 8
Metal Axal Premium
Metal Axal Vector
Metal Biogard
Metal Canopy
Metal Premium
S-Clip F

Wood ceiling materials:
Wood Concealed
Wood Board
Wood Vector
Wood Microlook 8

Ceiling grid systems:
Clean room
Corrosive resistant

Armstrong suspended ceiling? Trust the Judge.

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