Jun 09

Solid Support for your Suspended Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling Pattresses.

When your suspended ceiling lighting is better supported, it’s not only your lighting that benefits...

What is a ceiling pattress and what does it do?
Suspended ceilings are designed to lower high ceilings. They help insulate and warm a space and create a modern, clean environment. They’re not designed to carry weight. When you drop your suspended ceiling lighting into place there’s always the risk the added weight of a downlight could cause the ceiling tile to bow or crack.

A suspended ceiling pattress is a ceiling tile sized piece of mdf which sits out of view above the tile. Although only 6mm thick, the mdf construction gives the pattress strength. Cut a hole in the desired position and when you insert a downlight into your suspended ceiling the jaws of the light grip the pattress, not the suspended ceiling tile. This keeps the weight of the downlight on the pattress and protects your suspended ceiling.

Protection for your suspended ceiling. Protection for you.
JCS sells moisture and fire resistant suspended ceiling pattresses to use with your ceiling lighting. Place a pattress everywhere you place a downlight and they’ll keep your ceiling looking pristine for longer.

Buy suspended ceiling pattresses online at JCS.
JCS carries two ceiling pattresses. To view them select JCS075 or JCS076.
Have a question about suspended ceiling pattresses? Contact us.

Suspended ceiling pattresses? Trust the Judge.

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Jun 09

Beat Uneven Surfaces with Shadow Batten

Shadow Batten.

Square ceiling tiles. Square grid system. Square suspended ceiling. But what if the room’s not square?

Hip to be square
You may not have thought of making a feature of the perimeter of your suspended ceiling before. If you’re in a modern space where the walls are straight you may not need to.

But when the walls aren’t straight, placing any straight edge up against them can highlight the fact. Shadow batten masks the problem of uneven walls by making a feature of the perimeter. If forms a border around your suspended ceiling which stops the suspended ceiling butting right up against the wall. It helps the ceiling – and the wall – both look straighter, giving you a better finish.

Order shadow batten online at JCS
You can view shadow batten (JCS074) and order online here.
Have a question about suspended ceiling shadow batten? Contact us.

Shadow Batten? Trust the Judge.

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Jun 09

All the light at a fraction of the cost. Go LED.

The big benefit of LED lighting has always been its low running costs. Until now, though, the cost of each individual downlight meant using LEDs for anything other than feature lighting was prohibitively expensive. But not any more...

Low cost LED lighting (in every sense of the word)
Say hello to the Starlite TLED-666. It’s a 9W high-powered downlight and it’s going to help change the way you light the suspended ceiling in your home, business, office or showroom.

Let’s start with economy. Use it 10 hours a day, 7 days a week for 50 weeks a year and it will reduce your suspended ceiling lighting costs by roughly 72% when compared to a standard 50W halogen bulb.
And that’s not all. Its ultra-long running life means, used at the same rate, this downlight will shine bright for almost 10 years.
Unit price is a fraction of the cost of LED downlights of only a few months ago, making this a realistic, cost effective way of bringing light to your suspended ceiling.

Light your suspended ceiling for less
Cost may be a key factor but the light needs to be effective too. The TLED-666’s ‘neutral white’ is a 4000K light that looks crisp and clean. It’s ideal for offices and workspaces where lower temperature LED lighting can make eyes feel tired more quickly.

With the protection of an IP65 rating (meaning the unit is secure from all dust and from low pressure water jets from any direction) and a 3 year guarantee this is one LED downlight that will give a stellar performance in more ways than one.

Order LED downlighters online at JCS
Talk to the Judge about making LED downlighters a part of your suspended ceiling. You can view all our LED suspended ceiling lighting and order online here.
Protect your suspended ceiling – use a pattress.
Have a question about suspended ceiling lighting? Contact us.

Suspended ceiling lighting? Trust the Judge.

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Jun 09

LED Ceiling Panels - Time to See the Light

LED ceiling panels have been available for some time now. But if you wanted to make them a part of your suspended ceiling lighting system they would have made for a costly addition. Not any more.

Big on light; light on cost
At Judge Ceiling Systems we’ve been following the development of LED ceiling panels for the past couple of years. Initially they struggled to match their fluorescent counterparts for light and cost hundreds of pounds each, making them prohibitively expensive for the vast majority of suspended ceilings.

Over time the light improved even if the price didn’t, but it was only a matter of time - and now that time has come.

We’re delighted to announce that JCS stocks recessed LED ceiling panels for suspended ceilings. Four concealed edge lighting strips give a uniform level of illumination across the face of the panel and an estimated lamp life of 50,000 hours means they’ll stay shining bright for years.

Best of all, though: you’ll now be able to realise savings on individual unit prices as well as energy and running costs.

Make LED ceiling panels a part of your suspended ceiling lighting

It’s taken a while to get here, but now you can have cost effective, energy efficient lighting recessed into your suspended ceiling. Talk to JCS about lighting your suspended ceiling for less.

LED ceiling lighting? Trust the Judge.

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Jun 09

Suspended Ceiling Grids - Buy the Box

JCS Ceiling Systems is now selling suspended ceiling grid for less than the competition. How can they do it? By the box.

Suspended ceiling grid for less

The economy of scale. Buy more, save more. That’s the thinking behind Judge’s latest move. Founder and Director, Michael Judge says: “There’s so much competition within the industry and we wanted to find a way of retailing suspended ceiling grid for less.”

To increase the savings, Michael turned his attention to the people buying the biggest quantities: “So much of our work is with the trade and if you’re in the trade a few metres of grid won’t get you very far. That’s why we’re focussing our price cuts on boxes of suspended ceiling grid – so we give the biggest benefit to the people who buy the most ceiling grid.”

JCS suspended ceilings – friend to the trade

Not that suspended ceiling grid is the only element of a suspended ceiling to come with trade discount. Every product is cheaper at trade – and when you open a trade account you get preferential payment terms too.

Suspended ceiling grids? Trust JCS

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