Jun 09

Lincolnshire school learns the power of suspended ceilings

Lincolnshire school learns the power of suspended ceilings

No organisation can afford to waste its money – and that’s especially true of schools. So when Wragby Primary School in Lincolnshire planned a major modernisation of its facilities, it made a ‘joined up’ energy plan part of the curriculum too.

New suspended ceilings were just part of the plan to reduce energy costs and slash CO2 emissions. In addition, the school installed solar energy panels and energy efficient LED lighting. Together they’ll bring big savings – but that’s not all.

As head teacher Rachel Osgodby told the Horncastle News, “The educational benefits for the children are a major bonus as well as the obvious energy saving advantages, with particular opportunities to enhance the study of science, maths and the environment.”

We have to confess that, in all the years we’ve been installing and supplying suspended ceilings and LED lighting for schools across the UK, we’d never thought of the educational benefits – but for any exploration of energy, insulation, conduction, sound attenuation, fire ratings and resistance, suspended ceiling tiles and LED lighting can make handily convenient examples.

So if you’re a school in need of suspended ceiling tiles and lights for your ceilings – or just the next science lesson – you know where to call.

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