Jun 09

Craft / Copic Pen Storage with Eggcrate Diffusers

An alternative use for eggcrate light diffusers

When is an eggcrate light diffuser not an eggcrate light diffuser? When it’s the perfect answer to your craft/Copic marker pen storage problems.

After 40+ years in the suspended ceiling industry, you’d think we’d know pretty much all there is to know about our products. But we hadn’t reckoned on Val Southgate of Peterborough, who has found a novel way of putting our ceiling light diffusers to use. We’ll let Val take up the story…

“As you may be aware, crafting is very big in the UK at the moment. Part of this is the colouring of stamped and other images with alcohol pens, the most popular make of these (and the most expensive!) being Copic markers. There are a maximum of 358 (!) to collect and the matter of storage is a difficult one as you often need to transport them to events and courses.

“The eggcrate ‘cells’ are exactly the right size to house one Copic pen. I therefore used two layers of the eggcrate, cut to fit into a Really Useful box together with nuts and bolts I bought from B&Q. Then, hey presto, within 30 mins storage is made and in a really attractive portable solution.

“I managed to make two boxes with what I ordered, each one capable of housing all 358 Copic pens and more! Thank you again for your great service.”

Huge thanks to Val for getting in touch. If you’d like to emulate Val’s Copic marker pen storage solution you’ll find our eggcrate diffusers here. And if you’ve found a novel use for any of our suspended ceiling products or accessories we’d love to hear about it. To order, or to tell us your story, please contact us.

Copic marker pen storage? Trust the Judge.

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