Jun 24

How to Install a Suspended Ceiling

How to Install a Suspended Ceiling


In this guide, we show you how to fit a suspended ceiling. It’s not difficult, but it does require the right tools and a planned approach. Here’s how to get your suspended ceiling installation right.

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May 18

How Are Suspended Ceilings Installed?

In this guide, we will talk you through the methods of installing a suspended ceiling system and highlight the dos and don’ts along the way.

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Mar 07

Suspended Ceiling Terminology And Phrases

In this article we will explore and explain the different words and phrases used to describe suspended ceilings and suspended ceiling components.

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Jun 09

Insulation Pads New Sizes

Save more energy; save more money – new size insulation pads from Judge

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Jun 09

Solid Support for your Suspended Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling Pattresses.

When your suspended ceiling lighting is better supported, it’s not only your lighting that benefits...

What is a ceiling pattress and what does it do?
Suspended ceilings are designed to lower high ceilings. They help insulate and warm a space and create a modern, clean environment. They’re not designed to carry weight. When you drop your suspended ceiling lighting into place there’s always the risk the added weight of a downlight could cause the ceiling tile to bow or crack.

A suspended ceiling pattress is a ceiling tile sized piece of mdf which sits out of view above the tile. Although only 6mm thick, the mdf construction gives the pattress strength. Cut a hole in the desired position and when you insert a downlight into your suspended ceiling the jaws of the light grip the pattress, not the suspended ceiling tile. This keeps the weight of the downlight on the pattress and protects your suspended ceiling.

Protection for your suspended ceiling. Protection for you.
JCS sells moisture and fire resistant suspended ceiling pattresses to use with your ceiling lighting. Place a pattress everywhere you place a downlight and they’ll keep your ceiling looking pristine for longer.

Buy suspended ceiling pattresses online at JCS.
JCS carries two ceiling pattresses. To view them select JCS075 or JCS076.
Have a question about suspended ceiling pattresses? Contact us.

Suspended ceiling pattresses? Trust the Judge.

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