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Product Price Qty  
MF7 Primary Support Channel 3.6m
£4.92 Inc. VAT
£4.10 Exc. VAT
MF5 Metal Furring Section 3.6m
£5.22 Inc. VAT
£4.35 Exc. VAT
MF6A Perimeter Edge Trim 3.6m
£3.59 Inc. VAT
£2.99 Exc. VAT
MF9 Furring to Channel Clips - Pre-formed Clips - Box of 200
£35.94 Inc. VAT
£29.95 Exc. VAT
MF17 Suspension Angles 3.6m
£3.36 Inc. VAT
£2.80 Exc. VAT
Note for guideline purposes only:
Furring Runners run at 400mm centres
Primary Channel run at 1200mm centres
All Quantities rounded up to full lengths