DIY Suspended ceilings - use the Judge kit-builder

Planning on installing your suspended ceiling yourself? Allow Judge to lend a hand and make life that bit easier… Our suspended ceiling kits are perfect for DIY suspended ceilings. They’re fully customisable so you only buy the exact pieces you want, and nothing you don’t. You choose the size and style of tiles, the grid colour and what sort of heating, lighting and insulation you wish to add. We’ll supply the whole lot with all the fixtures, fittings and instructions you need to complete the job.Get started. Use our Wizard to order everything you need for all DIY suspended ceilings.

Our DIY suspended ceilings are designed to be simple to install for anyone with any DIY capability but if you do reach a sticking point, don’t worry.

We’ve downloadable help sheets on our Downloads page, a range of FAQs that may solve your problem and, if that still doesn’t hit the spot, call us and we’ll help you through.And if time suddenly runs away with you, don’t worry. Judge is always on hand to fit your suspended ceilings for you, wherever you are in the UK.Call us (0845 260 0884) or use the Wizard and let Judge meet all your DIY suspended ceilings needs.

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Tile Style
£5.85 Exc. VAT
£7.02 Inc. VAT
Grid Colour
£0.00 Exc. VAT
£0.00 Inc. VAT

Choose Layout.

Please enter the rough dimensions of your room and select an option for main tee.
At this stage over estimate the size of your room, to the nearest full tile.
i.e. The size of a tile is 0.6 meteres x 0.6 meteres so if a room is 3.2 metres x 4.1 meters please enter the measure ments 3.6 meteres x 4.2 meteres.
The specifics of your room, such as chimney breasts and alcoves will be worked out in the next stage.

Please enter the rough dimensions of your room in metres:



Main Tee

Please choose a direction for your main tee. If you really do not have a clue what direction you should choose just select "Let Judge Decide".

Help Choosing the Main Tee Direction!

  • If you have a timber joist exposed or above the plasterboard run your Main Tee in opposite direction.
  • If you have a concrete ceiling the Main Tee can run either way. It is usually best to run it along the longest length.

Please select the main tee: