Ceiling Tiles

Easy Clean Vinyl Wipeable Ceiling Tiles 600mm x 600mm - Box of 8

Product Number: JCS-ESYC6The easy clean ceiling tiles feature a vinyl finish and a foiled back for e..

£23.99 Inc. VAT £19.99 Exc. VAT

Armstrong Dune Evo / Dune Supreme BP2271M 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 16

Product Number: JCS-2271MManufacturers Code: BP5460M (Formerly BP2271M)The Armstrong Dune eVo is the..

£103.19 Inc. VAT £85.99 Exc. VAT

Armstrong Tatra BP 958M 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 16

Product Number: JCS-958MManufacturers Code: BP958M Create a more distinctive suspended ceiling: A..

£65.99 Inc. VAT £54.99 Exc. VAT

Ecophon Advantage A 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 40

Product Number: JCS-ADVA6X6SK The Ecophon Advantage Ceiling System offers a value-for-mon..

£143.99 Inc. VAT £150.00 £119.99 Exc. VAT £125.00

Rockfon Artic A24 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 32

Product Number: JCS-6X6A24The Rockfon Artic is one of the most popular ceiling tiles in our range. I..

£123.00 Inc. VAT £131.99 £102.50 Exc. VAT £109.99

White Perforated 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 12

Product Number: JCS-WPCTThese white perforated ceiling tiles area a great alternative to the pricier..

£59.99 Inc. VAT £71.99 £49.99 Exc. VAT £59.99

AMF Thermatex Star 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 16

Product Number: JCS-STAR6X6SKManufacturers Code: BP-6330M4A AMF Thermatex Star is a high densit..

£59.16 Inc. VAT £49.30 Exc. VAT

AMF Topiq Prime 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 14

Product Number: JCS-TOPIQ6X6SKTOPIQ® Prime combines excellent technical performance with simple eleg..

£83.34 Inc. VAT £69.45 Exc. VAT

AMF Thermatex Fine Stratos VT24 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 16

Product Number: JCS-STRATORSVT24 Manufacturers Code: BP6702M4AKnauf AMF Thermatex Feinstratos i..

£101.34 Inc. VAT £84.45 Exc. VAT

AMF Econim Planet Ceiling Tiles 600mm x 600mm - Box of 20

Product Number: JCS-PLSKManufacturers Product Code: BP6009M3The AMF Econim Planet is a cost effectiv..

£78.90 Inc. VAT £65.75 Exc. VAT

AMF Fine Stratos 1200mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 10 Sold Out

AMF Fine Stratos 1200mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 10

Product Number: JCS-STRATOS12Knauf AMF Thermatex Feinstratos is a lightly textured sanded tile with ..

£125.99 Inc. VAT £104.99 Exc. VAT

AMF Fine Stratos VT24 1200mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 10

Product Number: JCS-STRATOS12VT24* Out of stock - call to enquire *Knauf AMF Thermatex Feinstratos i..

£143.99 Inc. VAT £119.99 Exc. VAT

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Ceiling Tiles

Suspended ceiling tiles don’t just look great. Whatever your room, whatever the space, suspended ceiling tiles from Judge Ceilings will help you save on your energy costs, improve acoustics, and help you keep your environment safe and hygienic. In fact, whatever the space, there’s a Judge suspended ceiling fit for the job.


For commercial and domestic properties, ceiling tiles are perfect for transforming your interior. There’s a huge selection of ceiling tiles and sizes available for complete customisation, ensuring clients throughout the UK have a fantastic option when designing or changing your ceiling.


Judge Ceilings work closely with our clients across every project to identify the exact design and measurements you need. You can browse our range of ceiling tiles online and order today. For more information on our ceiling tiles and how to select the right option for you, call us or read on below.

What Size Ceiling Tiles Are Available?

At Judge Ceilings, we have two different suspended ceiling tile sizes available to our customers. Our sizes are:

        600mm x 600mm ceiling tiles

        1200mm x 600mm ceiling tiles

When beginning a new project, we recommend taking your existing ceiling tiles down and accurately measuring them, especially when you have an older ceiling that has been unchanged for over 15 years. When measuring tegular edge ceiling tiles, make sure you measure the back of the tile, as the inside face will always measure smaller.


If your existing ceiling tiles do not measure up to these sizes, we are happy to create made-to-measure tiles to fit your interior. Regardless of the current condition of your ceiling, or the new style and colour scheme you would like, we make sure to meet your expectations.

Order online today, contact our team on 01253 864902 or email us.

What Do I Suspended My Tiles In?

We have ceiling grids available which you can order online in different colours, brands and sizes, including main runners, cross tees and wall angles.

        AMF Ceiling Grid

        Armstrong Ceiling Grid

        Donn Ceiling Grid

        Rockfon CMC Ceiling Grid

        Ecophon Ceiling Grid

        Corrosion Ceiling Grid

        Coloured Ceiling Grid

        SAS Ceiling Grid

If you need more advise on suspended ceiling installation for your project and interior, simply contact one of our expert team today.

What Are Ceiling Tiles Made Of?

Suspended ceiling tiles can be made from several different materials. Whilst some materials are dependent on the style and design you want to finish with, others are a choice of performance. Whilst metal and wooden style tiles are gaining popularity, typically they are made with mineral fibre, rockwool or gypsum.  The most common of these will be the mineral fibre based tiles as they offer great all round performance and are also cost effective.

Ceiling tiles prior to 1981, would also often contain asbestos. Whilst this should no longer be the case, if you have old ceiling tiles and are concerned about asbestos, it can be a good option to add replacement ceiling tiles with a material you’re happy with.

When selecting your ceiling tiles, it’s important to consider your choices such as acoustic or humidity resistant, whether this is for your bathroom or commercial property and the colours you would like. There are several different options to choose from that are safe to use in the United Kingdom:

        Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles - These are the most popular style throughout the UK, but are made up of an almost dusty composition. They are ideal for commercial environments as they have a good range of thickness, size, patterns and edging. Mineral fibre can be made from a mix of several different materials including newsprint, clay, fibreglass, starch, mineral wool and perlite.

        Soft Fibre Ceiling Tiles - These tiles are more suitable for hotter environments and rooms where there could be condensation. Therefore, these tiles are good for absorbing in rooms such as showers, saunas, bathrooms, changing rooms and swimming pools. Although they commonly have different edge details available, they usually have a plain white finish.  Soft fibre ceiling tiles will often include a lower ratio of clay, but soundproof performance is lower.

        Plasterboard Ceiling Tiles - More commonly used across retain environments, plasterboard tiles give off a lighter and clean fish. They are durable and support spotlights without extra strengthening but also need to be regularly maintained and cleaned, especially when being used across commercial kitchens for food or chemical preparation.

        Metal Ceiling Tiles - Typically more expensive than other choices of ceiling tiles, metal is becoming a more and more popular choice for commercial ceilings. They offer fantastic versatility and a stylish look, making them ideal for different types of properties, also being great for sound absorption and easy to keep clean and hygienic. Metal mesh tiles are also available, made using aluminium, mild steel and pre-galvanised coatings. This can create a really modern and striking look for your property. Although they may initially be more expensive, they offer fantastic value for money.

Judge Ceilings also offer insulation for above your ceiling tiles including insulation pads. This ensures that heat efficiency in your building is improved whilst heat loss is reduced. Additionally, this should help lower heating bills and costs where typically heat would be lost through your ceiling. If you decided to choose insulated ceiling tiles, this would typically be made from stone wool or glass wool such as the Rockfon Artic or Ecophon Advantage tiles. These materials are soft, delivering good insulating qualities and trapping pockets of air which prevents heat escaping easily. These are also good for sound absorption so if you are looking for acoustic tiles, insulation is a suitable option.

Order online today, contact our team on 01253 864902 or email us.

How Are Ceiling Tiles Made?

Each of the above ceiling tiles will have a different manufacturing process due to which material you decide on. Mineral fibre ceiling tiles are manufactured using a combination of the materials mentioned: mineral wool; fibreglass; gypsum; perlite; clay; cellulose; starch. Some ceiling tiles will use a higher ratio of clay for a harder consistency.

Other materials, such as metal and plasterboard, will be cut to the shape and style that you want. Whilst most ceiling tiles typically come in a 600mm x 600mm size, there are other sizes available and custom made-to-measure tiles can be crafted.

Can You Buy Ceiling Tiles Individually?

Yes, you can buy ceiling tiles individually. Judge Ceilings make it easy to order ceiling tiles online with the quantity that you need. You can order online here and segment our tiles based on your requirements.

We have the option for both bulk buying and just to select the quantity of 1 for the ceiling tile that you need. This means we are suitable for both large commercial projects where you are completely redesigning or installing the ceiling yourself across a new building, or you can use us simply for spare replacement tiles to remove and dispose of broken or wearing tiles. With several different styles, colours, brands and edges available, you are able to find the right option for your interior.

Look up. If there’s a suspended ceiling above you it’ll probably be filled with suspended ceiling tiles from Judge.
Our suspended ceiling tiles are above offices, hospitals, power stations, Armed Forces bases and schools everywhere.

But whilst we’re proud to work with the public sector and larger organisations, we’ll happily supply for smaller projects too. So if you're a tradesman, order your board style ceiling tiles from Judge. And if you just need a single pack of replacement ceiling tiles for your existing suspended ceiling, we’ll supply that too.

Order online today, contact our team on 01253 864902 or email us.

What Style Ceilings Tiles Are Available?

When purchasing new ceiling tiles, we offer a wide range of options and different ways to buy to meet your expectations. It is easy to identify your preferences and find the best choice using our website or speaking to our team.

Ceiling Tiles For Your Property

Depending on your property type, your preferences can be very different. We offer 600mm x 600mm and 600mm x 1200mm for a range of different properties including:



        Swimming Pools







You can explore each of the options by following the links above and choosing the ceiling tiles best for you.

Ceiling Tile Designs

In terms of style and design, we want to not only deliver cost-effective and durable ceiling tiles, but modern and stylish interiors to our clients. With a mix of both standard and metal ceiling tiles, there is great variation across our product range for you to choose from. Just among our metal tiles we have:

        Board Edge Metal Tiles

        Microlook Metal Tiles

        Tegular Edge Metal Tiles

        Knauf Armstrong

        Metal Lay-in Tiles

        Metal Clip-in Tiles

        SAS Metal Tiles

        Metal Baffles

        Rockfon Metal Tiles

Across our metal and fibre ceiling tiles, we have 3 different edge styles available:

        Square Edge Ceiling Tiles

        Tegular Edge Ceiling Tiles

        Microlook Edge Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles also have several different patterned options, with curved and shaped ceiling tiles which include graphic motif, wooden, and waved ceiling panels.

Furthermore, we also have a range of colours available. We can discuss your current colour scheme or find the right option online and order today to maintain the appearance and colour options you desire.

Ceiling Tile Brands

We only source and sell high quality branded tiles from the most commonly used manufacturers. This ensures if you already have an existing brand you use for your current ceiling tiles, you should easily be able to buy bulk or one-off replacement tiles. Alternatively, if you are looking to change the tile style you currently have, you can browse all of our brands and find the ideal choice. Our main brands include:


        Armstrong Zentia

        Knauf AMF





If you are unsure which brand is best for your property type or style, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Ceiling Tile Accessories

In addition to these options, you may also add fire protection equipment for ceiling tiles, ceiling insulation, lighting and fixings. If you are unsure on any of these products, what equipment you need or how to install, please contact our team on 01253 864902 or email us today.

Board or Reveal?

If you’re buying replacement tiles, make sure you choose tiles of the same style as those in your existing ceiling. There are 2 types:

Board style: A board style suspended ceiling tile is a flat tile which, when inserted into the ceiling grid, sits flush with the grid. These are commonly known as square edge tiles.
Reveal style: The rebated edge of a reveal style suspended ceiling tile means that, when laid in place, the tile face sits proud of the grid. These are generally refered to as tegular edge ceiling tiles.


Are Ceiling Tiles Safe?

Ye, all ceiling tiles manufactured, sources and available to order online at Judge Ceilings are safe to use and fully safety checked and approved before being made available to our customers. Using leading industry brands for our ceiling tiles, you are assured of the highest quality for all products you purchase online. Furthermore, we look to deliver all products quickly and safely, arriving at the quality you expect.

Whilst some ceiling tiles prior to 1981 may contain asbestos due to it only being banned in 1999, we guarantee that no ceiling tiles include any asbestos. This makes it safe for installation and if you are concerned about asbestos in your property, it is essential to replace ceiling tiles as soon as possible.

We offer additional fire protection for our ceiling tiles but assure you that all products have been fire safety tested in advance of arrival, safe for all commercial property and domestic buildings in bathrooms and kitchens.

How Do You Clean Ceiling Tiles?

Ceiling tiles are very durable, with metal ceiling tiles perhaps being the best option for durability. Despite this, they still need to be cleaned and regularly maintained, especially in commercial buildings, for hygiene and cleanliness.

For heavy duty cleaning, simply dampen a cloth or sponge in warm water containing soap. Squeeze out the cloth and gently wipe the ceiling tiles and panels, whether this is ceiling grids or suspended ceilings. After washing, make sure you remove any damp soap on the ceiling tile with a different cloth to reduce condensation and damp.

You can also use specialist cleaning equipment such as extended mops and safe cleaning sprays.

How To Install Ceiling Tiles

If you are unsure of how to install or remove ceiling tiles, our team can assist with the equipment that you need and what to order online from Judge Ceilings to create a stylish and secure interior for commercial and domestic properties.

Prior to installation, always make sure the ceiling is clean before adding your suspended ceiling tiles. We always recommend using qualified professionals for installation to reduce any errors and maintain maximum safety for your ceiling.

Order online today, contact Judge Ceilings on 01253 864902 or email us.

Are Ceiling Tiles Recyclable?

Yes ceiling tiles are recyclable. As they are manufactured with many natural and recycled materials, you are able to recycle most ceiling tiles. Check with your local council if you need to recycle in bulk or use full licensed recycle brokers to safely dispose of this waste.

We Know Our Ceiling Tiles

Need help? Find advice on fitting a suspended ceiling grid, or you can contact us and we'll make installing your suspended ceiling easier.

Replacement ceiling tiles, reveal style ceiling tiles, accessories and fixings. Whatever you need, buy online with confidence. Buy with Judge.

If you have any questions call us on 01253 864902.

In the trade? Why not open a trade account with Judge Ceilings.