Meet Mike - The New JCS Mascot

Meet Mike - The New JCS Mascot
15 February, 2024

Meet Mike - The New Judge Mascot


For anyone who isn't already aware, Judge Ceilings was founded by Mike and Valerie Judge. As a family, they grew JCS to be a powerhouse of an online suspended ceiling retailer, that prioritised its customers and product range. Sadly Michael passed away in 2022 after a short illness. We wanted to keep Michael's memory alive, so we have created our new business mascot 'Mike' in memory and recognition of Michael and his families legacy.

You will see Mike popping up on our websites and marketing materials, in an effort to remember Mike, and the incredible business he built.

mike mascot carrying ceiling tiles


Where did JCS start?

Michael originally started installing ceiling in Scotland back in the 1950's, it was here were Mike learned the trade and built up his impressive product knowledge. as the years passed by, Mike and his family made the decision to move to Birmingham and begin selling ceiling tiles and other suspended ceiling components to the locals. This came after many people would ask Mike if they could buy some bits and bobs from him.

Leading on from this, the Judge family noticed a demand for the products, and so began the online legacy. From this was born, as one of the first online sellers in the sector. Michael and Val relocated to Blackpool, where they spent their last years in business. Mike loved visiting and working at the local school and hotels, whilst Val was the phone expert! Believe it or not, we still get calls asking for Val and Mike today, 8 years after their retirement, which is a credit to them for how well loved they were.

Where is JCS now?

In 2015 Michael and Val decided to retire from Blackpool, back to Birmingham. After many years of being neighbors and helping each other out, the Finnegan family took over the business in 2016. Since then, the business has expanded in to many new avenues of interior building products. Headed up by Adam Finnegan, the businesses focus was on its product range expansion and online presence. Since 2016, the business has grown its online presence and boosted its brand to become what it is today.

mike mascot driving forklift


This business is our passion, and we sincerely hope that we can make the Judge family proud of how we have continued their legacy.

For more information on the history of Judge Ceilings then check out our about us page, or give our expert team a call on 01253 864902 .

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