Replacement Ceiling Tiles

Easy Clean Vinyl Wipeable Ceiling Tiles 600mm x 600mm - Box of 8

Product Number: JCS-ESYC6The easy clean ceiling tiles feature a vinyl finish and a foiled back for e..

£23.99 Inc. VAT £19.99 Exc. VAT

Armstrong Dune Evo / Dune Supreme BP2271M 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 16

Product Number: JCS-2271MManufacturers Code: BP5460M (Formerly BP2271M)The Armstrong Dune eVo is the..

£103.19 Inc. VAT £85.99 Exc. VAT

Armstrong Tatra BP 958M 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 16

Product Number: JCS-958MManufacturers Code: BP958M Create a more distinctive suspended ceiling: A..

£65.99 Inc. VAT £54.99 Exc. VAT

Ecophon Advantage A 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 40

Product Number: JCS-ADVA6X6SK The Ecophon Advantage Ceiling System offers a value-for-mon..

£143.99 Inc. VAT £150.00 £119.99 Exc. VAT £125.00

AMF Thermatex Star 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 16

Product Number: JCS-STAR6X6SKManufacturers Code: BP-6330M4A AMF Thermatex Star is a high densit..

£59.16 Inc. VAT £49.30 Exc. VAT

AMF Thermatex Star 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 8

Product Number: JCS-STAR8AMF Thermatex Star is a high density mineral ceiling tile with a smooth whi..

£30.84 Inc. VAT £25.70 Exc. VAT

AMF Topiq Prime 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 14

Product Number: JCS-TOPIQ6X6SKTOPIQ® Prime combines excellent technical performance with simple eleg..

£83.34 Inc. VAT £69.45 Exc. VAT

AMF Econim Planet Ceiling Tiles 600mm x 600mm - Box of 20

Product Number: JCS-PLSKManufacturers Product Code: BP6009M3The AMF Econim Planet is a cost effectiv..

£78.90 Inc. VAT £65.75 Exc. VAT

AMF Thermatex Alpha Black 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 10

Product Number: JCS-ALPHAB6X6SKTHERMATEX® Alpha is a mineral ceiling tile providing high sound absor..

£86.40 Inc. VAT £72.00 Exc. VAT

AMF Thermatex Fine Stratos 19mm Micro-Perforated 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 10

Product Number: JCS-STRATOS19Knauf AMF Thermatex Fine Stratos is a lightly textured sanded tile with..

£72.30 Inc. VAT £60.25 Exc. VAT

AMF Thermatex Fine Stratos 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 16

Product Number: JCS-AMFTFSTRATOS Manufacturers Product Code: BP6700M4AKnauf AMF Thermatex Fine ..

£97.92 Inc. VAT £81.60 Exc. VAT

AMF Thermatex Fine Stratos Micro-Perforated 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Tiles - Box of 16

Product Number: JCS-STRATOS1These AMF Thermatex Fine Stratos tiles feature a sandy textured finish, ..

£101.99 Inc. VAT £84.99 Exc. VAT

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Replacement Ceiling Tiles

Replacement Ceiling Tiles

Keeping your ceiling tiles in good condition is important to reduce hazards whilst maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Luckily, you don't have to replace your entire ceiling system and grid due to a couple of dodgy tiles. At Judge Ceilings, our experts can advise on the most suitable option for your property, staying within your budget and finding replacement ceiling tiles.

Replacement ceiling tiles are a much more practical solution, refreshing the look of your ceiling and improving functionality. With a wide range of tiles available, it makes it easy to find an exact replacement for your commercial or industrial property. In addition to this, you can save yourself money and quickly switch out old tiles for new.

The difficult thing is to understand when your ceiling tiles actually need replacing. Some signs are obvious, such as visible damage and cracks. However, it’s important to keep on top of the condition of your ceiling tiles to avoid them becoming hazardous, through unsanitary appearance to potentially dropping from your ceiling grid. Some reasons you could need ceiling tile replacement includes:

Cracks & Crumbling: Any cracks in ceiling tiles are a clear sign that you should purchase a replacement. This could drop out and damage the performance of the tiles.

Mould & Discolouration: If you notice the colour of your ceiling tiles beginning to fade, this could be due to mould. It may just be a case of older tiles no longer having that clean, fresh look it was purchased with, but you should always assess whether there is a build up of mould or bacteria.

Ceiling Tile Performance: Whether it’s due to age or unseen issues, the performance of particular ceiling tiles could decay. Ceiling tiles can offer soundproofing and insulation. If you no longer feel the tiles are supporting in the right way, replacement ceiling tiles could help.

Water Damage: For environments where there are high levels of moisture, ceiling tiles could change shape, become soggy or damp and leak. If you notice any of these issues, it’s important to check out whether you have any internal leaks, but also replace ceiling tiles with high performance ceiling tiles suitable for humidity.

How Much To Replace Ceiling Tiles?

The cost of replacing a ceiling tile can vary depending on the type of building you are in, the size of the ceiling tile, what grid or system you have and how many ceiling tiles you actually need. We stock a range of ceiling tiles from different brands and for different property types. Our ceiling tiles prices range from as little as £5 per tile, with the option of purchasing one tile to boxes or 10 to 100 or more.

You can browse and purchase all our tiles online, making it easy to find what you need, and whether our products fit within your budget. It’s essential to consider the material, size and brand you are purchasing, as well as the choice of edges. If you are unsure, we can advise you on which tile is best for your property and assist in making an informed decision to reduce costs and plan for the long-term with quality tiles.

Replacement Ceiling Tile Styles

At Judge Ceilings, we stock a varied selection of replacement ceiling tiles, ensuring we can support clients throughout the UK regardless of your style choices or design needs. This gives you the option to personalise your property, whilst also selecting the tiles that offer the performance you need. Our tiles are also easy to maintain and keep clean.

Replacement Ceiling Tile Brands:








Replacement Ceiling Tile Sizes:

        600mm x 600mm ceiling tiles

        1200mm x 600mm ceiling tiles

Replacement Ceiling Tile Edge Details:

        Square Edge Ceiling Tiles

        Tegular Edge Ceiling Tiles

        Microlook Edge Ceiling Tiles

Replacement Ceiling Tile Property Applications:



        Swimming Pools







UK Delivery for Ceiling Tile Replacement

For delivery of replacement ceiling tiles across the UK, order online at Judge Ceilings today. Alternatively, if you are unsure on the products you need, contact our team for advice. Call us on 01253 864902. Our standard delivery throughout the UK is 3-5 days and you can always purchase any products you need online, whether this is in bulk or individually.