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Product Number: JCS-35ACHANLooking to reduce noise escaping your room? Then look no further than our..
Product Number: JCS-70ACHANWABox of 100 suspended ceiling 70mm Acoustic hangers with anchor.Looking ..
Product Number: JCS-70ACHANBox of 100 suspended ceiling Acoustic hangers.Looking to reduce noise esc..
Product Number: JCS-SB16Ideal for the standard office, the Soundblocker Office and Classroom Range w..
Product Number: JCS-AMFDBThermatex dB Acoustic offers the right solution for increased sound attenua..
Product Number: JCS-AHYThe AMF Acoustic Hygena is a 19mm thick tile with a special bacteria treatmen..
Product Number: JCS-ALPHAHYThe AMF Alpha Hygena is a fleece coated tile which aswell as meeting the ..
Product Number: JCS-ALONESQThe AMF Thermatex Alpha ONE is a Fresh wet-felt tile which provides high..
Product Number: JCS-ALPHA6X6SKTHERMATEX® Alpha is a mineral ceiling tile providing high sound absorp..
Product Number: JCS-ALPHA12X6SKTHERMATEX® Alpha is a mineral ceiling tile providing high sound absor..
Product Number: JCS-MERC12X6SKThe ceiling tile THERMATEX® Mercure offers excellent physical properti..
Product Number: JCS-SFAThe AMF SF Acoustic is almost completely concealed by a special edge detail,e..
Product Number: JCS-THERMSQThe AMF Thermatex Thermofon is an elegant smooth surface with an acoustic..
Product Number: JCS-THVM6THERMATEX® Varioline Metal is a fleece-coated, highly absorbing acoustic t..
Product Number: JCS-BIO2549MLooking for a strong, reliable tile? Look no further than the Bioguard A..
Product Number: JCS-5471MManufacturers Code: BP5471MCreate a more distinctive suspended ceiling: Arm..
Product Number: JCS-5473MTManufacturers Code: BP5473MLooking for a tile that offers excellent acoust..
Product Number: JCS-3191MManufacturers Product Code: BP3191MArmstrong Peral dB offers fantastic soun..
Product Number: JCS-5174MManufacturers Product Code: BP5174MIf your looking for a strong and durable..
Product Number: JCS-7661MManufacturers Code: BP7661MThe Armstrong Ultima+ offers excellent light ref..
Product Number: JCS-7661M12The Armstrong Ultima+ offers excellent light reflectancy whilst also offe..
Ecophon Advantage A 600mm x 600mm
Product Number: JCS-ADVA6X6SKThe Ecophon Advantage Ceiling System offers a value-for-money acoustic ..
Product Number: JCS-ADVE24The Ecophon Advantage Ceiling System offers a value-for-money acoustic sol..
Product Number: JCS-ECADEKITThe Ecophon Advantage E is an easy to install tegular edge tile that off..
Product Number: JCS-ECCOUAFor use as a sound absorbing ceiling and for sound insulation between room..
Product Number: JCS-ECPFAThe Ecophon Focus A ceiling tile is a fantastic sound absorbing tile that a..
Product Number: JCS-ECPFBThe Ecophon Focus B tiles are bonded on edge to edge directly to the soffit..
Product Number: JCS-ECFDSEcophon Focus DS has a concealed grid and symmetrical edge design,allowing ..
Product Number: JCS-ECPFEThe Ecophon Focus E ceiling tile is a fantastic sound absorbing tile that ..
Product Number: JCS-GDA24Looking for a lightweight ceiling tile,easy to install with excellent acous..
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