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Product Number: JCS-BECL126Egg crate ceiling light diffusers help to reduce the intensity of li..
Product Number: JCS-BECL66Ceiling light diffusers reduce the intensity of light beams, reducing..
Product Number: JCS-016DLouvre ceiling diffusers split and spread the light from your suspended ..
Product Number: JCS-EG126Egg crate diffusers scatter light and reduce glare, creating a more comfort..
Product Number: JCS-12014DCreate a softer light with less glare, from a diffuser that won’t inhibit ..
Product Number: JCS-010DMAcrylic Micro Prism ceiling light diffusers create a softer light that’s ea..
Product Number: JCS-MONOCThe Mono Cell ceiling louvre panels are a perfect addition to all suspended..
Product Number: JCS-12010DQuick and simple to install, use prismatic light diffusers in your suspend..
Product Number: JCS-010DPrismatic light diffusers soften and scatter the light using a sheet of pris..
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