Black Egg Crate Light Diffuser 1200mm x 600mm

Product Number: JCS-BECL126Egg crate ceiling light diffusers help to reduce the intensity of li..

£41.82 Inc. VAT £34.85 Exc. VAT

Black Egg Crate Light Diffuser 600mm x 600mm

Product Number: JCS-BECL66Ceiling light diffusers reduce the intensity of light beams, reducing..

£20.88 Inc. VAT £17.40 Exc. VAT

Egg Crate Light Diffuser 1200mm x 600mm

Product Number: JCS-EG126Egg crate diffusers scatter light and reduce glare, creating a more comfort..

£22.14 Inc. VAT £18.45 Exc. VAT

Eggcrate Light Diffuser 600mm x 600mm

Product Number: JCS-12014DCreate a softer light with less glare, from a diffuser that won’t inhibit ..

£11.04 Inc. VAT £9.20 Exc. VAT

Mono Cell Ceiling Louvre 50 x 50 x 30mm

Product Number: JCS-MONOCThe Mono Cell ceiling louvre panels are a perfect addition to all suspended..

£18.42 Inc. VAT £15.35 Exc. VAT

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Egg Crates Louvres

What’s the difference between an egg crate diffuser and a prismatic diffuser?
While a prismatic diffuser uses a solid surface of prisms to scatter the light and reduce glare, an egg crate diffuser uses a styrene grill to achieve a similar effect, breaking up beams of light so they don’t have a chance to cause eye strain or headaches.

Egg crate diffusers are the obvious diffuser choice in ceilings with sprinkler systems, or in suspended ceilings where airflow through the building can cause ceiling panels to lift.

The open lattice construction enables water and air to flow freely, ensuring sprinklers can do their job, and that diffusers and tiles don’t ‘flap’ every time someone opens a door. (Incidentally, if you are having a lifting problem, simply use hold down clips to solve it).

Don’t diffusers get dirty/dusty?
All our egg crate diffusers are coated in an anti-static fluid to prevent airborne dust and dirt from sticking to them.

What other uses are there for egg crate diffusers?
Egg crate diffusers are also used by aquariums as part of their filtration systems, and reptile enthusiasts use them to catch/hatch eggs.