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Product Number: JCS-TATRAKITArmstrong Tatra Complete Suspended Ceiling KitAll Suspended Ceiling Kits..
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Product Number: JCS-TATRA&InsulationKitArmstrong Tatra Complete Suspended Ceiling KitAll Suspend..
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Economy Ceiling Kits

Economy & Affordable Suspended Ceiling? We Have You Covered.

We understand that not every suspended ceiling is put in place to look pretty, provide acoustic ratings or fire protection, sometimes a suspended is needed just to fill a void to cover what is lying above. In this scenario you would not want to be spending large amounts of money on your ceiling system, so that is why we created our range of economy ceiling kits which are specifically chosen to provide a durable ceiling at a low price.  

If you have further requirements that you need help or support with, feel free to call one of our expert team members on 01253 864902.

Economy Suspended Ceiling Kits? It pays to trust the Judge.